Joensuun Laivaus Oy produces stevedoring, forwarding, storage and clearance services for northern Saimaa. The efficiency and service resources of the Joensuu and Puhos ports place them among Finland´s best. In the rapidly developing Joensuu deep-water port there are five ship berths with railway connections. Besides the customs warehouse the area has a total of 18,000 m² of terminal space for forest products, wood pellets, sawn timber and bulk goods.

Saimaa Canal

The Saimaa lake district is Finland´s most significant inland waterway route; in 2012 the Saimaa Canal´s goods traffic was1,718 million tons. Traffic is limited by the dimensions of the Saimaa Canal that prevent larger cargo vessels from sailing along inland waterway routes. 

Saimaa Canal statistics (PDF)

Stevedoring and goods handling

Stevedoring with up-to-date equipment

Joensuun Laivaus Oy utilises a wide range of equipment capable of managing effective stevedoring and goods forwarding for several vessels simultaneously. Our experienced and professional staff clearly understand their responsibilities regarding the appropriate handling of products, as well security issues. The company also has a considerable number of experienced stevedores, part-time employees who also work efficiently during peak seasons.

Forwarding and storage

Customer-driven logistics solutions

To ensure the smooth operation of goods traffic, product storage and registrations, Joensuun Laivaus Oy manages forwarding and warehousing with a sure-handed professionalism that can only be gained from years of experience. The company has 18,000 m² of storage space at the Joensuu deep-water port and 5,800 m² of storage space at the Port of Puhos; these warehousing facilities can also be expanded in the future. The location near the eastern border, combined with excellent highway and railway connections in different directions, offer industrial sector customers a wealth of additional opportunities. The company´s objective is also to find the best possible logistics solutions for each customer´s particular needs.

We provide machinery services

Joensuun Laivaus Oy offers its machines and professional drivers/operators for local companies as follows:

  • Forklifts (max 6 tn)
  • Forklifts (max 18 tn)
  • Container truck (max 29 tn) 
  • Container truck (max 40 tn) 
  • Reach truck (max 40 tn)
  • Harbour cranes (max 36 tn)

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