Joensuu Port

Facts about the port

Vessel calls: 200/year
Yearly throughput: 420,000 tn/year
Throughput, international traffic: 350,000 tn/year
Port's location by highway: 3 km from centre of Joensuu.
Coordinates: N 62°35' E 029°45'
Port's distances along water routes, measured in nautical miles: Puhos 50.76; Kuopio 132.84; Varkaus 74.52; 
Savonlinna 90.18; Vuoksi 170.10; Mälkiä 165.24; Vihrevoi 207.90

The Joensuu and Puhos inland ports

In 2017, shipping volumes at the Ports of Joensuu and Puhos exeeded 240.000 tons, a increase compared to the previous year. Last year pulp and talc were the most common products shipped at the Port of Joensuu; sawn timber was most commonly shipped at the Port of Puhos.

We provide machinery services

Joensuun Laivaus Oy offers its machines and professional drivers/operators for local companies as follows:

  • Forklifts (max 6 tn)
  • Forklifts (max 18 tn)
  • Container truck (max 29 tn) 
  • Container truck (max 40 tn) 
  • Reach truck (max 40 tn)
  • Harbour cranes (max 36 tn)

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