Joensuun Laivaus Oy

Joensuun satamaJoensuu has one of the busiest inland waterway traffic harbours in Finland. Founded in 1979, Joensuun Laivaus Oy also handles shipping at the Port of Puhos. Both ports have excellent highway and railway connections to the rest of Finland, as well as Russia. The main articles shipped by Joensuun Laivaus Oy are forest industry products such as pulp, sheet products, sawn timber, poles, raw timber, wood pellets as well as mining industry products such as talc. Other important shipped products include urea and salt. Besides 16 full-time personnel the company employs several part-time dockworkers.

The growth-oriented company has concentrated on the provision of comprehensive storage and clearance services as well as international and flexible customer care. Within the company, the emphasis is on the development of the port areas and the multifaceted utilisation of modern technology in corporate operations. The Mononen brothers own 50% of Joensuun Laivaus Oy´s shares; the other shareholders are Steveco Oy and Oy Saimaa Terminals Ab.


Joensuun Laivaus Oy produces stevedoring, forwarding, storage and clearance services for northern Saimaa.

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Ports at Joensuu and Puhos are among Finland´s most effective.

Joensuu portPuhos port

Joensuun Laivaus Oy and the City of Joensuu built a joint office building at the deep-water port in 1987. Architect Bieber & Luoto designed the building. Further information about the port and harbour fees can also be found at the City´s website.

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The State´s lock and open canals, as well as openable bridges´ traffic seasons and opening hours, can be found at the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Maritime services website.

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The primary objective of the Saimaa traffic and marketing campaign is to promote a worldwide awareness of the proven environmental friendliness of inland waterway traffic.

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